The Blastmaster XL™ is a high performance, Mobile Sound System. Be the talk of your friends, the Sound of the Town, Rock your job-site, Promote your company, or provide music entertainment wherever you may go! The Blastmaster XL™ product line provides Home Stereo Quality Sound in a portable self contained battery powered unit.  Upgradeable features are available: increase sound quality, volume,  battery performance longevity, finish options, and style accessories!


21st Century Boombox -

                        Mobile Sound System!

Branded Promotion

Use as Marketing/Brand tool!

  1. Fundraising Events

  2. Raffle Item, Auctions

  3. Events Promotion - Ski/  

  Snowboard races, Running

  Events, Mtn. Bike, Bmx

  races, Motocross.

  1. Start a DJ business

  2. Link multiple Blastmaster XL’s™

  together for surround sound, 

  cover more event area.

  1. Tailgating/ Trade shows

  2. Fraternities/Sororities


  1. Tailgating at Sporting Events-

   NFL™ College, NASCAR™

  1. Athletics Departments

  2. Dance and Fitness Training


  1. Beach  & Backyard Pool Parties

  2. Construction Jobsite

  3. DJ your own party (Soundmixer          or DJ app & laptop required)

  4. Backyard Movies

  5. Parties at  your cabin Camping/


  1. Birthday parties/rental for

  special events

  1. Use as your “House Party”

   sound  system

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